Booming Economy Equals a U.S. Job Seeker’s Market

There were 222,000 new jobs reported by the Department of Labor in June 2017. The United States is experiencing a booming economy. Unemployment rates are at 4.4%, the lowest level since 2001. Due to so many Americans having a job, many employers are facing a challenge finding skilled workers to fill the many job vacancies across the United States. The thriving economy has produced a job-seeker’s market, which is causing businesses to pay higher wages to retain and find qualified workers. If you are looking for a higher-paying job, consider contacting Green Card Lottery Experts for information on immigrating to the United States.

The demand is so high for people to work in the U.S. that companies are paying for recruiters to locate promising workers who have the education, work experience, and skills required. Chris Nace, who has done recruiting work for the past ten years, says that after several years of looking for business, corporations are now approaching his small firm. He said companies are willing to give $25,000 or more in fees for skilled workers who have graduated within the last one to two years. There is no better time to live and work in America. Contact the Green Card Lottery Experts for help in the relocating process.