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Americans Are Optimistic About the Economy, Jobs & Salaries

More Americans are feeling positive about the United States economy, the probability of finding and keeping a job, and the likelihood of receiving higher wages. A report was conducted in June 2017 by the New York Federal Reserve Bank after surveying 1,300 heads of households.

The Survey of Consumer Expectations (SCE) reports what purchasers expect from global inflation, prices for gas, housing, food, and education. To enjoy the productive lifestyle Americans enjoy, contact Green Card Lottery Experts for your chance to live and work in the United States.

A record high number of U.S. citizens think that their economic situation has been enhanced in the past year, according to the SCE. These same households believe that their financial position will remain stable in 2018.

The study also observed growing confidence among Americans, which will most likely cause increased spending and boost the United States economy even further. An expected decline in government debt also contributes to trust in the U.S. economic standing.

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