2017 Top American States for Business

The study on America’s Top States for Business, conducted by CNBC, scored all 50 American states to discover the best places for business. The scores are based on ten key factors: infrastructure, workforce, economy, cost of doing business, technology and innovation, education, quality of life, business friendliness, cost of living per state, and access to capital. This project assesses many months of data analysis.

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The state of Washington came in at number one. The economy grew almost two and a half times the national rate, which is 3.7 percent, in 2016.

Washington is home to Costco, Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Expedia. It follows California as having the most patents filed in the past year. Rising six places from last year, Georgia took the number two spot.

The Georgia economy is the best in the nation with solid growth and state finances. The following states ranked 3 to 10: Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

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