U.S. Jobs with the Fastest Growing Pay

When thinking about monetary compensation, we often think of salary. We need to remember that the determining factor in pay increase or decrease is wage growth. In August 2017, online jobs and careers community, Glassdoor, released the Local Pay Report. Anonymous salary reports for specific job titles, industries, and employers are taken into account. GCLExperts is an immigration firm that helps foreign nationals with the application process so they can get moved to the United States.

The following nine jobs’ year-to- year wage growth was above the national average of 2 percent. Producers who work for media, movies, news broadcasters, and radio shows, came in ninth place and had a 3.5% wage growth with a median base pay of $52,935. Cashiers who had a growth of 3.7% and median base pay of $27,701 tied for seventh place with pharmacy technicians in growth and had a median base pay of $30,592. Foreign nationals who want to move to the United States can find help with the application process by contacting Green Card Lottery Experts.

Restaurant cooks came in sixth place, with a 4.7% wage growth and $28,628 as a median base pay. Fifth place, bank tellers, had a median base pay of $28,636 and 4.9% wage growth year – over-year. Bank teller jobs include dealing with customers and working on the front line of the banking industry.

Fourth place was awarded to recruiters, who help companies find and hire new employees. The wage growth was 5.2% and had a median base pay of $50,483. Three jobs tied for first place:
insurance agents had a 5.7% wage growth with a median base pay of $43,652. Baristas, who prepare beverages at coffee shops, came in with a median base pay of $24,194 and a 5.7% wage growth. Truck drivers had a 5.7% wage growth year-over- year and a median base pay of $52,079. This report shows that not all jobs are equal when it comes to wage growth. The Green Card Lottery Experts are committed to helping foreign nationals with the U.S. application process.