American Workers on the Move Seeking US Job Opportunities

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]American workers are willing more than ever to relocate for the perfect job opportunity. The trending mobile professions seem to be those that pay higher wages but require more advanced degrees. The top job on the list was a chemical engineer, where 73 percent of applications submitted to Glassdoor, a career website, were outside of the seeker’s metro area. The least mobile professions were ones that work with a lower skill set, such as bartending. There are many job opportunities available in the U.S. You and your family can enjoy a better quality of life when immigrating to America. Contact GCLExperts for help applying for the Green Card Lottery.

Close to a quarter of applications submitted online were for positions outside of their metro area. The most sought-after destinations for those seeking a job, tend to be closer to other, smaller metro regions. The regions most are moving out of tend to be smaller areas, cities where people like to start their career, such as Providence, Rhode Island, then relocating to a higher paying position in a larger area, like Boston. Men are three percent more likely than females to move to a new town, Glassdoor said, and all job applicants were seven percent less likely to change cities with each decade they age. Chamberlain said the numbers have connotations for companies wanting to hire and diversify the workforce. When it comes to recruiting, if your main goal is to attract more women, or get more senior workers to apply for jobs, you’re going to need to make a special outreach effort is what the data is saying. GCLExperts will help you fill out and submit your Green Card Lottery application. Contact them today!

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